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Symposium Nachhaltiges und generationsübergreifendes Wohnen, Leben und Arbeiten
Durch die viele Projekt-Anfragen und Umstellung unsere Organisation, werden wir unser Symposium nach 2019 verschieben. Planung und Programm folgen.   mehr


Das neue Dünger-Gesetz - eine Antwort
Überdüngte Felder und mit Nitrat belastetes Grundwasser sind besonders in Nordwestdeutschland ein Problem. Dieses Problem muss auch technisch angegangen werden. Ein neuer Ansatz aus Norwegen macht Mut: Gülle...   mehr

Kick-off Neues-Dorf GmbH - Workshop 14.06.2016

Today, June 14 2016, the Neues-Dorf GmbH officially started its work with a workshop on "working and living in an innovative bio based economy!". This workshop, held in the InnovationCentre Osnabrück, started with a dialogue, introduced by Prof. Martin Franz of the University of Applied Science of Osnabrück, on rural depopulation and the effects on villages, soil and land prices.

After an interesting discussion-round, Mr. Timo Kluttig of the Geoparks TERRA.vita of the County Osnabrück informed the round on the history of our soil and Mr. Matthias Hölscher of the Ecosus GmbH on possible ways of restoring it by  soil improvement. Again followed by an interesting exchange of ideas.

In the afternoon other aspects of the Neues-Dorf GmbH were addressed, opened by a a fruitful discussion on sustainable horticulture and ecological housing.
Mr. Martin Schnellhammer of Living Lab and Mr. Wil Philipsen of Fresh Idea Factory then introduced the care of elderly living in a rural area and the technical abilities to support them.
Here as well there was great interest and it was long discussed.

This interesting and productive day was concluded by a networking round, which was used well by the attendees. The Neues-Dorf Team looks back on a successful day and thank all who have contributed to this.

The individual contributions on the different topics will be published in the near future. We are happy to invite you to follow us on our LinkedIn Neues-Dorf Group.