Neues-Dorf Group

structure for eco-friendly living


Sustainable development

The ultimate goal of sustainable development is to find a coherent and long-lasting balance between the economic, social and environmental aspects of human activity in combination with good governance. There are important learnings from the past. As human settlements become confusing and chaotic due to rapid growth the internal cohesion of societies suffers or backs away. The Greek philosopher Plato said, that a good city should only be so big that the sound of a strong man’s voice could be heard all over the place. This idea has not a lot to do with our modern cities or even settlements in the countryside. Still the underlying concept of living in an environment where people know each other – communicate and work together is gaining in appeal. It seems therefore worth to restructure, enhance and create new living forms aiming towards a modern version of the classical villages. Following this idea, the organisation “Neues-Dorf GmbH” was set up in Germany in 2015.

Holistic view

We have a holistic view on how to contribute effectively on restoring the planet’s prosperity:

  • We connect water, food and energy knowledge and create synergy for optimal (non-financial) profits;
  • We connect the public and private sector. Give advice to the public sector and start/stimulate or support private initiatives;
  • We connect people. We believe in “sharing is multiplying”. We work with experts and professionals who have the same philosophy and ambition.

We think global, but start careful. We are realistic on what needs to be done. We want to deliver results that meets or exceeds expectations. Not only do we have the specific soil and wastewater management expertise in house, we also have a broad and profound experience in successfully starting businesses and international project management.




Neues-Dorf is a development organisation for sustainable villages, industrial and city quarters conversion and modernisation, bringing green technologies, living forms, care facilities and work places together.


• Develop concepts for rural development
• Lead transformation projects
• Execute project development
• Consultancy on biodiversity
• Liaison politics and industry