Neues-Dorf Group

structure for eco-friendly living


Partnering to deliver innovation— and success—worldwide

Through a dynamic business system, we are fortunate to partner with leading universities and companies. With our expertise and engagement team, we deliver the best solutions and services. We collaborate to transform enterprises and make them more competitive by providing opportunities to improve and grow.


Ecosus - GER

Ecosus is derived from ecological & sustainable. These terms stand for their philosophy: user-friendly and highly effective substrates, which are at the same time absolutely environmentally friendly.

Standard Bio - NO

With technology and competency, Standard Bio AS, Norway, converts waste streams to profitable, sustainable and environmentally friendly products and solutions that are easy to use and accessible to farmers and other users.

TU Eindhoven – NL

Associate Professor Dr. Bert Sadowski of the Technical University of Eindhoven (NL), supporting Neues-Dorf on his specialties: Economics of Innovation and Technological Change, Management of Innovation and Regulatory Economics.

Universität Osnabrück - GER

The Institute for Geography of the University of Osnabrück, Germany, assists Neues-Dorf on Geographical Trade Research, Globalization Research, Rural Development and Sustainability Transition.

University of Tokyo – JPN

The Faculty of Agriculture of the Utokyo is supporting a Neues-Dorf Japan initiative. They see agriculture as an applied science with a basis in the disciplines of food science, life science and environmental science.


Neues-Dorf is a development organisation for sustainable villages, industrial and city quarters conversion and modernisation, bringing green technologies, living forms, care facilities and work places together.


• Develop concepts for rural development
• Lead transformation projects
• Execute project development
• Consultancy on biodiversity
• Liaison politics and industry